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Shy celebrity
Ruddington Bunny
We didn't get where we are today without some serious help from our favourite and your favourite celebrities and advertisers. We, at the Dogsbody-in-Sesh, thought it woluld be very worthwhile to compile a selectionette of the most productive celebrity endorsements to have graced these hallowed pages over our long, worthwhile, humble and self-effacing journey as the leading periodical - in print and in webbish - for you, our loyal and ever-grateful readership!

Not for us this 'hiding your light under a Sainsbury's bag' type of nonsense! Oh No!

Ask yourselves - who woluld have purchased a Frammis hat without the endorsement of Rin Tin Tin?

Rin Tin Tin

Frammis Hat favoured by Rin Tin Tin

No.1 'Whooshy' Dog-Do Gloves endorsed by BRITNEY FERRIES

Britney and Hurrrssp

As worn by Britney Ferries
Teen popster Britney Ferries endorses 'Whooshy' Dog Do gloves. Britney says "my little dog Hurrrsspp is so cuddly but soooooo incontinent! I can never be without my Whooshy gloves and my Whooshy Do collection back-pack. It's such a boon!

No. 2 'Whooshy' Dog Do Tree endorsed by BILL AND SLUICE GATES

The WHOOSHY Dog Do Tree

Bill & Sluice Gates

Has Fido been busy in your back garden? Then you need the Dog Do Tree by Whooshy! A must for all families. Watch your kiddies' faces light up as they get shovellin' and baggin'! Who will be first to fill the tree? The handy integral weighing scales only add to the fun! Little Norbert, aged five, shovelled his own weight in Do in just three and a half hours!

Norbert's Do shovel

Little Norbert

No. 3 The Toilet Olga endorsed by SERGEI STEEYECHPOR

Sergei Steeyechpor demonstrates the latest miracle of Russian invention. This is the 'Toilet Olga'. The all-in-one sanitary solution for your toilet bowl and U-Bend! Unsuitable for narrow guage piping. No chemicals, no unnatural smells. No Socks for Ivan!

Sergei says:- 'Before I got the 'Olga' my lavvy was constantly blocked with the full spectrum of waste and detritus. Now, thanks to Olga, my morning motions are a constant pleasure!'

No. 4 Meat endorsed by GACK WHACK

Gack Whack: 'Just because the lady loves Meat Tray!'

Design guru Gack Whack says 'Vegetarians need to be disembowelled! Eat meat and be a real man, hombre!

No. 5 Irish Sockdals endorsed by ARTHUR DRABB AND TIGER HOWLAND


From the makers of Irish Face Flannels and Irish Style Pork come these über-trendy Irish Sockdals! Fully integrated foot covering for all seasons!

Arthur Drabb & Tiger Howland

The 'Nasty', as modelled by Bill Swill
from Basingstoke
Tiger says "Use these stylish sockdals with Irish 'Nasty' nose pegs - to ensure not a whiff of foot smell and, if you're unlucky enough to stand in dog do, no odour of ordure!"

All items exclusively sold by Waddies of Edinburgh

Here are some more world famous celebrities featured in our advertising promotions:-

LEGSON KAYIRA (Dobbins & Xah)

Legson Kayira
My name is Legson Kayira and 'Ah will trah!!'

And he will 'trah' almost anything!

Voiceover credits for the D&X (Dobbins and Xah, for the uninitiated) TV adverts...

...this is not just any ground dorowot, this is Dobbins and Xah ground dorowot...

PIKE AND TINA TURNER (Old Bland coffee)

Pike & Tina Turner
Pike & Tina fronted the legendary advertising campaign for 'Old Bland' coffee. All the innuendo, all the thrill of the tease. Will they? Won't they? The stuff of soap operas over a cup of pretty naff coffee. Just goes to show the selling power of raw sex appeal.


Pancho Kidney
'I haven't got time to mulch all my potato peelings and grass cuttings, so for my compost needs I use Cake Smith's No. 3. It's good enough to eat!'

Good enough to eat


Rotten-Rich Smibernoll
"I use 'Limpopo' lino because it covers my floors" , says Rotten-Rich Smibernoll.

A simple, but powerful message is the reason for the level of lino sales today.


Alan & Audrey
The delightful childhood days of times gone by were re-enacted by this charming couple who always quoted great verse such as :-

"On sunny Sunday afternoons we'd go for a long drive in Ralph's motor
Then we'd hurry home for a nice cup of tea and a bloater"

Tap Grind from the poem 'Sunday with My Feet'


THE A453 (Bowel Bubble Bath)

The A453
Being an A road has it stresses and strains... so to relax, the A453 recommends 'Bowel' bubble bath.

SHERGAR AND MR. ED (Dross Power Tools)

Shergar and Mister Ed...
...Can't do without DROSS power tools.

'Dross electric drills are fab',
says Shergar


The People's Republic Of China
'Wang cement for construction and constipation' say the People's Republic Of China.

JOEY (Tidysans Old Pecker)

'When you're parched, neck an Old Pecker and hang on to your perch' says Joey.

Tidysans Old Pecker

THE SWOSS TWINS (Various vehicules)

We asked the Swoss Twins to each recommend a car for the Noughties - and here are the three they came up with:-

The Swoss Twins: Hoss Swoss &
Boss Swoss in the foreground
(Joe-Loss Swoss in the background)
Hoss's choice:-

The Toymota Primus

Boss's choice:-

The Peroduma Pedalo

Joe-Loss Swoss's choice:-

The Nissen Hut


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