Something for the kiddies!

The Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain proudly presents news of great worth for all our delightful ankle-biters!

A fabulous range of toys has been developed in partnership with world-famous manufacturer CHOD VALLEY!

Special production lines at CHOD VALLEY's manufacturing centres in Yugorsk and Smolensk are, even now, relentlessly churning out piles of quality things in anticipation of high demand! Hurrah!

Chod Valley Play Dog-Do
(Ages 0 to 36 months)
Chod Valley Hasdrubal Hedgehog
Rolls into a ball when touched
and protects himself with
sharp spines (paralysis risk if pricked)
Chod Valley Russian Bear
So life like!
Chod Valley Nicotine Nellie Doll
Puffs on fags like any other dolly but if you pull
the woodbine from her gob she will fart and issue
a colourful stream of projectile vomit! So adorable!
Chod Valley Gorff
Three legs, in green
Chod Valley Rover
Seen urinating on tree. Throw Rover a stick
and see him run! Do scooper included.
Chod Valley Things
To put on top of other things (all ages)
Chod Valley Chopper
Beginners' Sausage Crickets set.
Get your pancake shoes on and stand at
Chod Valley Mincer
Genuine life-size nail clipper
N.B. Chod Valley cannot
guarantee the safe return
of all digits inserted.
Chod Valley Snarkum
A genuine replica of the finest Soviet era
Russian caravan complete with cheeky aerial,
handy handle and wibbly wheels.
Chod Valley Thing
The kids will love it!
Chod Valley 'Whizzo' Slide
Thrills galore with this jaunty-angled slide.
Factory pre-rusted for bonus exfoliation
to tender limbs. You won't stop laughing!
Chod Valley Gorby
A special, gender-neutral friend for all kiddies
who don't have one. Bed-time, bath-time -
make it Chod-time with Gorby!
Chod Valley Fun Box
Assorted plastic bits selected
from Chod Valley workshops.
Every box guaranteed to be unique!
Chod Valley Ring
So many uses!
Don't be surprised if Dad wants one, kiddies!
Chod Valley Watney's Party Seven
The complete party outfit - everything you need in
miniature! Lager, bottle-openers, magnifying glass,
grommets, dishs - we could go on!
Chod Valley Old Pecker
Authentic budgie cage for
storing all your nicknacks,
detritus from Christmas
crackers, Russian things,
Ezras and snorkel...
Chod Valley Chod Surprise
A beautifully hand-crafted plastic bubble
to protect and preserve a full four hundred
grams of prime chod. Thoughtfully aroma-
sealed for the ultimate experience!

Given our deserved reputation for only supplying goods and services of the utmost quality, we, at The Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain, stress that the CHOD VALLEY range is NOT available at any old shop. Not, not, no no.

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