The Coveted

The Reader's Doglist is proud to award the coveted Reader's Doglist Commendation For Excellance® to the following richly-deserving websites:

The Framley Examiner

Everything a local paper sholuld be, and Framley's Traditional Favourite since 1978. For the lowdown's on everything thats anything in local life - Framley is indeedy the barometer of local raisin-d'éte.

Dean and Nigel

Tell Everyone You Don't Know! A truly excellant site. We provide a word of warning here - this site could cause excessive mirth, possibly leading to loss of bodily control, difficulty in drawing breath, or even a major diesel spillage. You have been warned!

The Random Postmodernist Essay Generator

You know how it is... you've got an essay on Postmodernism to write, and no time at all to do it in! Well, thanks to the miracle of New Technology, we're proud to be able to help! Just click on this Golden Riband link, and that essay is yours! Now you can go out to the pub tonight after all!

Sign Language

We are glad to award The Reader's Doglist Golden Riband Commendation for Excellance to Sign Language ( for an excellant collection of signs.

"Crazy (but real) Road Signs"

And while we're on the subject of signs, here's another collection of a similar nature, this time from South Africa, where they appear to have more than their fair share.

HomeStar Runner ("Everybody, Everybody")

For all you lovers of cartoons, here's a truly excellant website which will introduce you to some fine characters, including HomeStar Runner, Strong Bad, Marzipan, Pom Pom, Coach Z, the Cheat, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, the Poopsmith and The King Of Town. Make sure you check out StrongBad's e-mails too!

The Home Page of The British Lard Marketing Board

Some of today's Marketing johnnies coluld learn a thing or two from the BLMB! Also, for those particularly interested in recipes, there are one or two good ones to be found at this site.

The Gallery Of Regrettable Food

Have you ever puzzled how civilised people used to eat certain things which now seem beyond the pale? Check out's Gallery Of Regrettable Food. We hope you don't find it a regrettable experience!

The Institution of Silly & Meaningless Sayings

THE place to discover malapropisms, mixed metaphors, the occasional spoonerism, attempts at using foreign phrases, but mostly just downright nonsense that sounds correct (if said with conviction). They are derived from a number of sources - work colleagues, meetings with clients, radio and television interviews and so on - but all are genuine and have been heard at first hand (if that's possible?).


A wonderful guide to the transportation contraptions of Communist era Eastern Europe. Written with love and passion by an Italian, the English is sometimes a little wide of the mark, but here at the Reader's Doglist, we approve of that sort of thing. Hurrah!

Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down Dot Com

A lovely, if somewhat surreal guide to tea and biscuits. Check out the wonderful Tea Policy, read reviews of biscuits, browse through TheWife's observations on life or simply find out what's the Biscuit Of The Week! Have a nice sit down while you're at it.


A wonderful site dedicated to the exposure of the Western world to the peculiar brand of English patois appearing on display in Japan and elsewhere in the far-east.


A site dedicated to Photoshopping - the art of monkeying around with photographs. There are some very bizarre ideas on display on this site... worth a browse every day or two.'s Cockney Translator

At last! You can have that sentence translated into Cockney, me old china. Also translators available for Scouse, Brummie, Geordie, Irish, Ali G and Jolly Well Spoken!

English Russia

For the latest news about Russian Things!

Inspirational Sites
A short selectionette of sites which have provided inspiration for The Reader's Doglist:

The lovely pœms of Pat Dring

Schwarzwaldhorn Camping

We woluld like to provide a comprehensive service to all of our readers, and woluld welcome nominations for the coveted Reader's Doglist Commendation For Excellance®. Please e-mail us - either Holes, Ramptreacle or Pastewort at ReadersDoglist-dot-com, and we will consider a future award and Golden Riband link. Apologies for removing the mail link, but we're fed up with unscrupulous herberts deluging us with spam just because their sordid little worms trawl through the net looking for people's e-mule addresses.


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