The Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain proudly presents an exclusive offer to our loyal readership. For a one-off payment of just £349.98 including pps (postage, packing and snorkel), we at The Reader's Doglist Association Of Great Britain, in association with world-famous quality games consule manufacturer Dindogdo®, bring you the ultimate games machine for the 21st century. At last the waiting is finally over... here is what you've all been craving... with not another moment to wait... can you believe it? Yes, it's the

The Dü offers a real life simulation of a number of bodily functions. Play with friends, family, a collection of complete strangers or, if you prefair, play on your own! "You don't just do . You experience .

The Controller

This exercise in ergonomics is a curvy, multi-coloured, multi-buttoned evolution of the angular Sputnik controller. Designed from recycled parts, gamers will find the a step forward into Smiberspace.

The classic Sputnik

The elegant Remote
The Remote

With the remote you can simulate your daily evacuations in all possibule permutations - squeeze and push or maybe a sudden rush. You can even experience the ultimate follow-through moment! The choice is yours and is just one clack on the remote away!

The remote and players
There's nothing funny about logarithms

Getting ready for an evening of
No holds barred, group

See yourself ing with this
high spec monitor (front view)
Monitor (rear view) with
connections for gas and electricity!
A room for
players on public transport
Optional ing equipment

Dindogdo Wireless Connection

Keep in touch with friends ing everywhere. Share those small room moments hygienically and with no mess or odour!

Systems, Support & Formules

Dindogdo® provides only quality systems, support and formules as any fool woluld expect from a business partner of The Reader's Doglist Association Of Great Britain.

Woluld and Moluld
Dindogdo Parental Controls

No parent wants their little Woluld or Moluld messing up the house through childish exuberance about .

Dindogdo® provides child protection systems which employ relatively low doses of electric shock to any ankle-biter meddling, unsupervised, with .
As an alternative to regular functions use the consule for Sports.
Experience the following sports and play to an International standard :-
  • Shopping At Tesco
  • Snooks
  • Spitting Into South Harrow
  • Horse-Golf
  • Glooty
Even play Sausage Crickets like a veritabule Uschi Schmorbraten!
Uschi Schmorbraten

The Dü Shopping At Tesco Controller

Tried and tested Soviet technology
« If you want on the move why not try the -LITE?

Just £49.98 including pps!

New! Motion Plus

Just released - an attachment for your remote which captures all your complex motions!

your business in real time!
The Motion Plus attachment with digitabule clock

Gather your friends and family around. Say 'Hurrah' for
The Reader's Doglist Association Of Great Britain and get on with some !

Stop Press!

Dindogdo® announce the first games console just for your canine chums!

Why should Fido be left out when all the family are getting on with ?
The Dindogdo® Dog-Dü neatly packaged away
For just £149.98 you can own
the Dindogdo® Dog-Dü
Can a dog do ?
Of course he can! Clack away, Fido!

The Dogsbody-in-Sesh comment on :
  • "Successfully think about onions"
  • "Maralalda el Deldil"
  • "No Socks For Ivan"


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