The Reader's Doglist 50 Favourite E-Mule Subjects

  1. Ronnie K. Reggae with a Kellogg's briefcase full of Filetab...
  2. A cricket box full of Israeli biscuits and make them snappy
  3. Auntie Fridge meets the Turkeys in the revenge of the All-Night Wasp
  4. White man speak with forked wagon train...
  5. Corn-plasterers vote Euro-Foot
  6. NOO 139
  7. Kenneth Cow-Under at Sleaze McGees Photo Tees
  8. Yo Ho Ho and a Mammoth Cleanser sandwich
  9. Foglas Nunucq meets Tiger Howland at Dobbins and Xah
  10. e-Mushroom Salad and TurboGah!
  11. Pandrol Clips
  12. Guy de Maupassant
  13. Alan the Wonder Dog - The Cursor
  14. Time to talk about mushrooms (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)
  15. Hendon Wheelbarrows 3, Princess Margaret 0
  16. Foglas Nunucq and British Potato 2001
  17. Held in a permanent state of gooreadiness
  18. Gebitveilige Snoep in Minimalist Communication Fiasco
  19. Gooreadiness (n.) The state of being gooready; goopreparation; goopromptness; gooaptitude; goowillingness
  20. Having been seated in a paff-chair, wearing sensible trousers, a Maurice Onions tie, a Frammis hat and a Les Morris saucepan for protection, he produced one after another terse communications...
  21. Farrington Gurney to Pig Street
  22. Mmmmm..Goat's Nut Tropo Jus...lightly dusted with hurrrrssssppp! My favourite!
  23. Wooz Choss P and other popular dishs
  24. You're the Dogsbody In Sesh and I claim my five pounds
  25. Nield Road
  26. Chimpules vs Filetab
  27. Wincarnis Transport Annual Spelling Bee
  28. A sachet of fish-waste
  29. Do you know the way to Billy Socks Circus?
  30. Runs in the family (like diarrhoea)
  31. Exciting news! Friday Afternoon Latin comes to the Woild Woide Wib
  32. 10 Dogs
  33. Mavis Swegg and husband Boils
  34. Here I am in the land of a thousand briefcases and my bazoot is covered in bazoot
  35. I'm not putting THAT in my fridge
  36. The Nield Road disaster - Swoss Twins implicated
  37. Elvis Smedley and the Zoo Spartans live at the Plug-A-Go-Go, West Teeth
  38. Tom Jones vs. Val Dogdoonican
  39. Ex-footballer corrects grammatical faux-pas - the personal pronoun vs. the possessive antecedent
  40. Irish Face Flannels - the sensible trousers of choice
  41. Me Tarzan, you Pineapple Treatment
  42. The bottle of wee in the car park...
  43. The Revenge of the bottle of wee in the car park
  44. Engrish
  45. Vintage New Technology
  46. Hot Nuts (Large Tub)
  47. Etruscan Fish Waste Lorry with handle
  48. Eurosnooks 2004
  49. Horse Liniment - International Man of The Cloth
  50. Return of the Son of It's That Nine Minutes To Five Feeling again
  51. Hutch Famswape - magnetism of the modern (Auntie) Fridge
  52. From North America to Snot Eric in less than nine moves
  53. Control Section feat. Filetab.
  54. zzzz zzzz zzzz zgluk
  55. A 321, and not in the Ted Rogers sense
  56. I've dropped tortilla on my espadrilles
  57. LHSH
  58. Going For A Solidus
  59. Stands the church clock at ten-to-three
    And is there still exam time for tea?
  60. Grease is the word
  61. Flamed Veal Kidneys
  62. Pemmican
  63. Wembley? I thought it was Tuesday.
  64. Blebmarsh Nostril
  65. Baffy Toe Sweets
  66. Wrestling from Basingstoke
  67. Wally Sprout
  68. Les Morris Dancing and Cook Your Own Goose Fair
  69. Robin Hood and his smelly hen
  70. Smedley-Dendril's patent penguin repellent
  71. Shreddie Boy and Neave, they're in the thing
  72. Dancing Quorn
  73. The mushroom salad having been fitted out
  74. Whelks
  75. Jamboree
  76. Signs, sines and cosines - there's nothing funny in logs, Lamb
  77. Friday Afternoon Latin
  78. Stop grinning, Lamb
  79. Foglas Nunucq and the case of the borrowed P.E. kit
  80. Gospo cleaner
  81. BBC Russian course and Hurfenflurfi Party
  82. You animal
  83. Hutch Famswape the magnetic dog
  84. The function is marmalade
  85. "ut" with the subjunctive
  86. A chance to stand on a desk
  87. Chod etc.
  88. In Foglas' conscious moments, he would regale him ceaselessly about climate change, deforestation, El Niño, ozone holes, Jim N. Holes, coastal erosion, acid rain, aerosols, Aeropus the Lycenestrian, Greenhouse gas, cheesy guffs, beefy guffs...he could go on.
  89. Socks and Underpants again

  1. Soccy Socks and Basketball Stripes
  2. The 'let's talk about it next Wednesday' School of Project management
  3. GCSE in Spiders
  4. An extra piece of luggage appeared at the hotel like Heinrich Böll's proverbial Extraportion Pudding
  5. Beatnik Fly
  6. Customage Servuce
  7. Chip and Vegetables
  8. 'And now, instead of mounting barded steeds To fright the souls of fearful adversaries, He capers nimbly in a baker's van And sups some ale in 'The Swan' '
  9. The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Natty Bumppo and Chingachgook, Ishmael and Queequeg, Vladimir and Estragon, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Eric and Pilaf Sweng, The Swoss Twins...we could go on.
  10. We, the appalled
  11. Madge Jaffa-Legs
  12. frigates, sloops, luggers, junks, gallivats, brigs, sampans, smacks, hoys, windjammers, Katzenjammers, skiffs, crumsters, trows, cobles, dromonds, cogs, rafts, shells, funnies, randans, kayaks,eighty-three
  13. 'Now is the Vimto of our Boy Scout's tent ..made glorious Gouda by this Irish Style Pork...'
  14. Gloopy
  15. Snooks World Cup results - everyone's won! Hurrah!
  16. Foglas Nunucq and The Case of The Borrowed P.E. Kit
  17. A la recherche du Sid la boquette
  18. The Philosophy Hieland Games
  19. The New-Age Adventures Of Róbinhood meets Ronnie K. Reggae in Royston, in a cheap attempt at an entry in the latest Favourite 50...
  20. A fortnight is a long week in Exam Time...
  21. Mojebrab, Queen Of The Hurfenflurfi, vs The Hungry Wasps
  22. Wycombe & The All-Night Wasp Meets Queen Mojebrab at Under the Warm-Air Vent At The Northolt Swimarama
  23. Abba meet The Wedding Tackle at the Tedstone Wafre SmartFurniture (TM) Foundation Annual Nosebag
  24. Internet Toilets... Information Lavatories... New Technology Latrines... call 'em what you will...
  25. Gebitveilige Snoep Returns (did he ever really leave?)
  26. McGuffies
  27. The Cody Boys meet Annie Oakley at Fort Shark
  28. 10 Dogs on This Part Of The Beach
  29. Donkey Hoté & Pancho Kidney in The All-New Adventures of The Carthaginians in the land of Queen Mojebrab
  30. The Reader's Doglist - First For So Many Things!
  31. What he had was a coat, a hat and a recipe for Warm Trifle.
  32. Grimy Olive, Dhalia Smiff, Nailgun Awful, Harry Lobes, Lick Slime, Aimless Harricot, Aunt-Sally Woluld Thumbs-Up, Madge Jaffa-Legs and Ken Moan - aaaaahhhhh the Celebrity Chefs!!
  33. The Reader's Doglist Goes From Strenght to Strenght!
  34. Sweet sherry to alcopops - The Road to Perdish
  35. More Quality Product Churned Out And Stuck Down
  36. Transactional Round The Edges
  37. Big on Stools, Big on the Causes of Stools...
  38. Shilly-shallying around in the strategic bit
  39. Gebitveilige Snoep: The Spanish Stringfellow
  40. Horripilated, haemorrhoidal, harpoon-like, Lord Haw-Haw hooters
  41. Gebitveilige ("Snoepy") Snoep vs Y Viva España
  42. I've got that nine minutes to five feeling again...
  43. New Technology & Snorkel
  44. Queen Mojebrab Meets The Carthaginians at a Dinner Party round at Tap Grind's Place, where they are held spellbound by Ruddington's foremost poet's literary devices
  45. Schwarzwaldhorn Camping
  46. Monk's Auntie Fridge
  47. The Ladsa Wypenham Dahnah while the world watches Boosh Bay
  48. Show me the way to Billy Socks Circus
  49. Wait until they've got dog-do to get their teeth into!
  50. White man speak with forked waggon train... Me Tarzan, you lorry-load of NCC_GRIT! From the land of Three Valedictions
  51. Revenge of The Son Of Jazzy Cardie
  52. Jazzy Cardie & The Fresh Breath Krew
  53. Hot News - Pancake Shoes with the children
  54. I don't see anything funny in Logarithms
  55. Archie McBugle's Highland Bum Mufflers - back on the market again
  56. A stool chart is for life
  57. Wonky
  58. Redefining The Boundaries Of Nondescript: Great Punctuation Failures of Our Time
  59. The Season Of One-Day International Parking nears...
  60. A lovely bottle of Boosh Bay with a free pack of Volley Lumps for only £3.99!
  61. Stands the church clock still at half past three, and shall there be Exam Time todee?
  62. A pint of your finest Diesel, please, Your Holiness, and make it extra-snappy!
  63. ...and then there were eighty-three...
  64. The Rise And Rise Of The Euro SuperSign by Lumps McParcel
  65. Gerald Stansfield? I've always told him he should close his curtains...
  66. Redefining the boundaries of nondescript...
  67. Isn't it a delight to have Rushcliffe Country Park?
  68. Good Old Fashion Food At An Avoidable Price
  69. Fat cattle commence no
  70. Releasing gas in some shape or formule...
  71. Wham
  72. Woluld, coluld, sholuld - the new veni, vidi, vici
  73. Haddock - then let nature take its course


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