The Reader's Doglist dog do it again! Another fabulous fifty for everyone to enjoy. As any fool knows... but it's worth mentioning again... we, at The Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain, are rightly proud of our deserved reputation for churning out a quality product. And this is no exception! In these giddy days when appearance counts for everything, we believe, and of course we're right, that it's vital to look after your barnet!

Chosen by a panel of experts led by none other than style guru and raconteur par excellance Blidworth Bottoms and assisted by two people who know a thing or two about hairstyles - Blatty Of The Yard and Legson Kayira!!



The Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain proudly presents

And just to maintain the excitement, tension and snorkel, we'll view them in reverse order!

Starting with no. 53...

No. 56 Mabel Shambles...

No. 55 Nesram Bostump

No. 54 Lob Lolly-Pines

No. 53 Fray Bentos

No. 52 Bert Weedon
from Notlob proves that you don't have to be a celebrity to get noticed by the Reader's Doglist!
Nes displays a coordination of barnet and facial hair - but he's not quite the fimshed articule.
Lob shows how it sholuld be done!!
Doglist recipe contributor with the catchphrase 'Eat Healthy Tomorrow'
Legendary 'Guitar Boogie Shuffle' man most famous for being upstaged by Ollie Beak

No. 51 The Swape Twins

No. 50 Pong Shostakovich-Meatpie

No. 49 General Smith

No. 48 Fred Barker

No. 47 Mavis Smang
Bodge & Nodge - the famous mulleteers from the UREA catalogue
First entry in our list for one of these 'A' list celebrity brothers... could there be more to come?
General Smith is a long-time favourite of Space Patrol fans. Sartorial elegance, authoritative, dapper, avuncular, wooden and lobster. A barnet for the discerning gent.
Fred Barker - TV celebrity, friend of Wally Whyton, Bert Weedon and let's not forget Muriel Young. Makes you want to sing the glad refrain "Five a'clock club, da-da-da-dah"
Housewife from Tedstone Wafre displaying that unique backwoods style of the area

No. 46 Horst Horseblanket

No. 45 Milly Smilly

No. 44 Lurch St John Barf

No. 43 Ken Dog Du

No. 42 Norbert Steamer
One of several people to make the list for their skilful hair redistribution techniques
Essex girl who discovered this look after a night in the hedge with Bwith Scurvy
Lucky Lurch was born into a family of toffs so he can walk about like this without getting the crap kicked out of him
Ken displays more skilful combover techniques
Poor old Norbert! He was warned about using super glue to fix his strands!

No. 37 Ken Smith

No. 40 Eccy Thump

No. 39 Barry Normal

No. 38 Wally 'No Socks' Boolox

No. 41 Ridiculous Individual
An oriental take on the mullet utilising a woolly black brick on the top of the head
Is it real? Is it a syrup? Well, who is going to wear this sort of fake? This is Eccy's real barnet!
Completely boring, Barry slips in at No. 39 for control purposes.
Wally tried to emulate the famous Ivan of 'no socks' fame. He failed.
He might not have much hair but he really uses what he's got!

No. 36 Corbling Mallard

No. 35 Len Horrible

No. 34 Gammhi Legg

No. 33 Olive Butler

No. 32 Feylynx Limpopo
Yet more lumps of hair dangling below the ears - how we love the mullet!
Len succeeds in dealing with congenital ugliness in a simple but effective manner
Bollywood superstar Gammhi developed this bearskin style for the Mumbai classic film "Trooping The Colour - It Ain't Half Hot Ma'am, Isn't It?"
Style to light up the No. 83 bus to Royston. We've got you, Butler!
Here's a style Feylynx picked up in prison…don't have nightmares, readers!

No. 31 Biff Shostakovich-Meatpie

No. 30 Bogser Bayliss

No. 29 Wooz Woozly

No. 28 Fillmore Spectre

No. 27 Yeeeurrrrcccchhh
Biff is the shy, retiring one of the Shos-Meatpie clan but there's nothing this boy cannot do with a jar of Brylcreem
Bogser has always been a show-off but this tousled masterpiece was caused by spending too many hours with a dance-floor on his head.
Wooz's famous party-piece is to dive head first down the lavvy to remove those embarrassing skid marks.
Looks just like he has his famous Wall Of Smell right under his nose
Still smiling while 40,000 volts pass through her body, Yeeeurrrrcccchhh is prepared to endure pain for this look.

No. 26 Boris MoyfeGumye

No. 25 Horse Feed

No. 24 Camp Potrezebie

No. 23 Maybelline Shincliffe-Munster

No. 22 Wilbur and Swillbur Handsome
The Russians are coming! Boris has used some 'hair gel' he found with some UREA flat-pack furniture.
Stop grinning, Horse. We can't see anything funny in logarithms
Wot? Me Worry?
Auditioned unsuccessfully for Scary Spice - she was robbed.
The ultimate confirmation of the plus points for inter-breeding

No. 21 Lenny The Lion

No. 20 Les Nessman

No. 19 Lassitude Sail

No. 18 Corks Screws Lummee

No. 17 Barnet
Still manages to look professional even with Terry Hall's arm stuck up his back end.
WKRP legend Nessman after receiving the coveted 'Silver Sow' award. An interest in hogs and hair make him radio's Mr Debonair
Copied this look from the candy floss he saw at a local fair. Pity he didn't check out the possibilities with toffee apples first
Another apprentice floss-head. Nice jacket.

No. 16 Nabob Moletreacle

No. 15 Ping Shostakovich-Meatpie

No. 14 Daily Semen

No. 13 Billy Rawk

No. 12 Marge Lard
Local Government officer Moletreacle makes the most of what he's got left
Here's Ping. Where's Rissole?
Daily was confident enough to get the No. 1 shirt but he still doesn't make the top ten.
"It's all about 'air", says Billy who has an air guitar in his hands and air-a-plenty between his ears
The Institutional Cut is back and it's proud

No. 11 Prin Cezanne

No. 10 Ears Melly-Grandfather

No. 9 Ringo Snazzy

No. 8 Rissole Shostakovich-Meatpie

No. 7 Halibut Shostakovich-Meatpie
Prin Cézanne - always well-fancied, this equine favourite proves that a naff barnet will not hold you back if you come from the right family.
A seemingly unremarkable style at first glance - but those gig lamps are woven from extra-long sideburns and knotted around those wide-angle Britneys with aplomb
Snazzy by name...'s Rissole!
Is that it for the Meatpies? Halibut's done well but there's more to come!

No. 6 Dorssday

Clever use of make-up and mirrors helped Dorssday to international stardom - really she looked like this:-

No. 5 Bob Piddle

No. 4 Aeropus The Lycenestrian

No. 3 Wigwam Poultice

No. 2 Böll Shostakovich-Meatpie
"I'm not as stupid as I look", says Bob Piddle forcefully.
Hic Haec Hoc! A classic look sported by Aeropus and created by dipping the whole body in warm trifle.
Combining topiary with hairdressing has been a cherished goal for many. Wigwam spent many hours concealed in a box hedge to achieve this look... and wasn't it worth it!
The head honcho of the Meatpie boys - a simple Tedstone Wafre quiff induces that smug expression. The boy done exceptional!

No. 1 Hoppy Barnes
Many people believe that Hoppy Barnes acquired his name because of some affectation of his peripatetic perambulations. Not so. Indeed, although it is of no consequence in our current context, his moniker is a corruption of 'Hopple' Barnes because of his curious hobby of fastening together the legs of horses. But it is his barnet which must be his true crowning glory - providing shelter and sustenance to myriad throngs of assorted creepy-crawlies, dung-beetles, cheese-maggots, weevils, woolly-bears, gadflies, gnats, gnadgers, bagworms, mealybugs, loopers, bladder galls, spittlebugs, aphids, millipedes, obliquebanded leafrollers, pickleworms, pear slugs, twiggalls, chafers, scurfy scales, termites, thrips, grubs, whirligig beetles, midges and snorkel.The Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain strongly suggests that you get yourself along to your nearest hair artiste and demand that you want a 'Hoppy'. Remember you can sport the Hoppy style even if you have a full set of teeth!

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