Lavishly written by Jim N. Holes, and equally lavishly illustrated by Frank Mustali, we proudly present the complete catalogue of Foglas Nunucq stories.

The Asbestos Reindeer: The Final Stage
Foglas Nunucq And The American Caper
Foglas Nunucq Meets The Moral Fireman
Foglas Nunucq And The Case Of The Rampant Broskers
Foglas And Damp In The Tale Of Two Hippies
Foglas Nunucq In The Curse Of The Christmas Teeth
The All-New Adventures Of Foglas And Damp In Smiberspace
The Great Golden Jubilee Extraportion Pudding
Foglas Nunucq in That's It For Smoked Haddock
Foglas Nunucq And The Daleks
Foglas Nunucq And The Case Of The Borrowed PE Kit
Foglas Nunucq Is Keeping An Eye On Norman Roberts
Foglas Nunucq And The Case Of The Russian Things


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