The Reader's Doglist 50 Favourite Headlines

  1. Talk Your Way Into An Adnams Coastal Shirt
  2. People with a passion for it - The Reader's Doglist
  3. Heaving - at least in one sense
  4. Please don't call me Frankly
  5. No fannying around in the menu system
  6. Let 'em 'ave ferrets
  7. If they start getting tiddly, I'm out of here
  8. Sweet sherry to alcopops - the road to perdish
  9. Big on stools - big on the causes of stools
  10. Here's to Tubby Clayton & the licorice pipe
  11. We've been to Silent Pants
  12. Let's go back to solidus
  13. The Eurodoglist Something Competish
  14. I haven't thought about Bolt-Neck for a while
  15. Muriel Young - just a bit of fluff
  16. Bejohnnied and becauliflowered
  17. The Reader's Doglist - home of the recycled Foglas story
  18. An error of New Technology
  19. Transactional round the edges
  20. The return of PC Nonsense - Evenin' all
  21. You don't want to get sucked into the transactional end
  22. Number 2 for the Bristol Stool Chart
  23. Talking about dog-do and laughing
  24. I don't see anything funny in logarithms
  25. Bristol's still got its marbles
  26. Sitting here waiting for a crisis
  27. 4 inches of wallet shoved in your back pocket
  28. The folks that live on the bench
  29. Wait until they've got dog-do to get their teeth into
  30. A stool chart is for life
  31. The role of underpants in the modern Shopping at Tescos game - discuss
  32. Five Go a-Fimshing
  33. Merton by the glass
  34. Arthur Cane goes shopping every now and then
  35. The Hills Are A-lul-lul-lul-lul-laaaa,
  36. Gobble gobble - it's the gobblers
  37. Straight In And Put Rod Stewart on
  38. We don't think Ron Dog-do is suitable
  39. Seen any gunboats, Ken?,
  40. There's nowt wrong with Wout
  41. That'll do for me, Mrs Mason
  42. Hanging together by a tooth-string
  43. Watching the Old Bill work
  44. Defining new standards in Exam Time
  45. Guff, bob & pants
  46. Mean... moody... magnificent... snorkel
  47. Pencils sharpened and ready to go
  48. There and back under some other steam with a purpose
  49. I was No. 300
  50. Glass smah has served its purpose
  51. We got as far as lumps
  52. I Planted Trees by Richard St. Barbe-Baker
  53. Sidney - come and get your glass Smah money
  54. So much for Arundel
  55. Never feel like a chump again
  56. Looks good…..should run
  57. Get my goats to the pub on time
  58. 'Big On Human Interest, Big On The Causes Of Human Interest'
  59. Katie Boyle's deux points
  60. it could have been Basildon
  61. I can't grumble enough
  62. Doris produces the letters
  63. Red sky in the morning….. sailor's underpants
  64. I'm more than ready….I'm gooready
  65. Is he around in the ablative absolute sense?
  66. Putting the diet in dietribe
  67. Some of our dishs may contain nut is and bones
  68. You know where you are with a loop
  69. You're the Dogsbody in sesh and I claim my five pounds
  70. We can manage the links but the rechts will have to take care of themselves
  71. Silence - exam time in progress


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