We like a good laugh at the Doglist. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. We think that ordinary, decent hard-working people need time to relax and unwind, chill out, recharge their batteries, recuperate, refresh their screens, revive, take a breather, slip into some comfortable trousers, pull up a paff-chair, snorkel..... so have a quiet chortle at the following.

In our on-going series of 'Celebrity Favourite Fifties' (remember how you laughed at Yaw Mait's Fifty Favourite Shaving Stories!!!!!), we proudly present Mr. Bursley's Fifty Favourite Place Names. They are all genuine, authenticated and have many of your chummy co-readers cheerfully domiciled within their cosy emunctory environs.

1.Tedstone Wafre
2.Kingston Bagpuize
3.Abington Pigotts
4.Acton Trussell
5.Mavis Enderby
6.Aston Flamville
7.Aston Subedge
8.Beggearn Huish
9.Boothby Graffoe
10.Rodney Stoke
11.Budleigh Salterton
12.Winfrith Newburgh
13.Peover Superior
14.Newtown Unthank
15.Marston Bigot
16.Logie Pert
17.Methwold Hythe
18.Laysters Pole
19.Gurney Slade
20.Conwil Elvet
21.Catcott Burtle
22.Goodworth Clatford
23.Chudleigh Knighton
24.Frome Vanchurch
25.Chaldon Herring
26.Nately Scures
27.Newton Burgoland
28.Acaster Malbis
29.Ainderby Quernhow
30.Ampney Crucis
31.Aspley Guise
32.Barton Bendish
33.Berry Pomeroy
34.Huish Champflower
35.Hinton Blewett
36.Yardley Gobion
37.Pig Street
38.Peatling Magna
39.Nibley North
40.Lydiard Tregoze
41.Okeford Fitzpaine
42.Matching Tye
43.Gussage St. Michael
44.Danby Wiske
45.Chignal Smealy
46.Farrington Gurney
47.Monkton Farleigh
48.Whaplode Drove
49.Compton Wyniates
50.Farleigh Wallop


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