The Reader's Doglist Association Of Great Britain brings you an important announcement from our special correspondent - none other than Professor Liggi Schmorsch.

Schmorsch, linguistics expert from the University Of Shepshed, bon viveur, raconteur, restaurateur, entrepreneur, masseur de rigueur and snorkel has the news you've all been waiting for!

Prof. Liggi Schmorsch

Yes, we've suspected it for some time but the evidence is incontrovertibabble!

And the news is... Well, you've all heard that 'grey is the new black' or that 'shabby chic is the new smart' or that 'Bognor is the new Brighton' Now, The Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain announces exclusively that (wait for it!!!!)..... SNUTELED is the new cadige!

Gasp! Yes, it's official! Yes, it's a pineapple!

Let Schmorsch explain - so that it's crystal clear...

"In the future dealings there vill no need be, words in sentarses missing."

"Beim simple interyection of 'snuteled', can all sentarses instantly complete be!"

Of course, as any fool knows, language is alive and kicking. As such it is gooready for change. Therefore we, your chums at the Reader's Doglist, sholuld gladly endorse this latest enrichment.

Don't be a chump who is lost for words. Someone who coluldn't string together one sentarse if he tried! Bring 'snuteled' into your lives! It's the Doglist way, so how coluld you argue!
Here are some endorsements gathered from a selectionette of worthy citizens :-

Snuteled Tomatoes

Dick and Dock snuteled along
the beat looking for NOO 139...

After a night on the Diesel, Pemm
Suggling is totally snuteled.

Snuteled of Royston!
The Reader's Doglist supports snuteled! Hurrah!

A basket of tomatoes and an old dear before they were snuteled


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