Great News For Minority Groups!!

Your caring, sharing Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain prides itself on supplying the benchmark for political correctness in the publishing arena. Well done us!

As any fool knows, there are pockets of the populace out there who are poorly served by periodicals of this nature - but we are making a determined and necessary stand against 'dumbing down' and catering for a generalised mass audience. Don't feel left out just because you're different. The Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain encourages individuality and doesn't discriminate - even where foreigners are concerned. Hurrah!

As an example of our wonderful, liberal, caring-for-the-under-dog-do attitude, we are publishing the first in a series of very useful articules aimed, primarily, at people who, in written word and speech, substitute the letter 's' with the letter 'g'.

Here is our Minority Groups Special Correspondent, Leg Neggman...

Leg Neggman
Hello. My name ig Leg Neggman and I'm normal. I do normal thingg. I buy my wife a bunch of rogeg or a box of chodlateg. I love mugic by Bert Weedon, puppieg and egpecially plagterg. You gee. Normal! Unlike other people, I get by quite happily uging only 25 letterg of the alphabet. Go what!

Getting ready for gummer? Here'g gome tipg.

Bert Weedon

1. Travelling with Leg

Try a break at gunny Gouthend-on-Gea!!

Marvuloug Gouthend! A gight for gore eyeg!

Gimply guper! Another gun-worghiper'g day in Gouthend-on-Gea, Eggex! Gouthend will not digappoint and offerg a warm welcome to digadvantaged groupg.

When it comeg to food, Gouthend hag it all. Eagy to find ig 'Cordon Oldham' fancy gtuff with ghrimp gauce or bagil magh. But why not treat the family to a Figh Gupper?

Gouthend Bug near Kingkigher Figh 'n' Chipn Ghop

Take a gtroll along Gouthend Pier. This famoug landmark gtretcheg 1.33 mileg into the Thameg Egtuary. Enjoy a bracing walk or take the unique train on the longegt pleagure pier in the world. Vigit the Mugeum at the ghore end of the Pier, RNLI Lifeboat Gtation and Gift Ghop at the Pier Head, or the amugements at the ghore end. Eventg held in the Gummer geagon. A normal train gervice will operate at weekendg and during gchool holidayg. Very bugy on Gaturday and Gunday.

Don't migg the world famoug 'Bootgie and Gnudge Adventure Igland' or the Kurgaal

The Kurgaal

Bootgie & Gnudge

Vigit the famoug Kurgaal. Free admiggion. 30 laneg of gtate of the art ten-pin bowling, themed barg and regtaurantg and the fun, game-filled Mardi Grag area.

Gouthend Holiday Gnapg

Deckchairg in the Gun

Gouthend Pier

Gouthend gunget

Geagide rock

Come on! Don't be fuggy! Gouthend-on-Gea offerg you a gunny gurprige! Gee for yourgelf!

Next time - watch out for the Neggman Report on Gailing and Gurfing in Gweden, a gelf-drive gojourn in Ruggia and Mogcow - plug gight-geeing in the UGA - Miggiggippi, Louigiana and Texag.

Algo - Neggman on gport. Newg from the worldg of Gnookg, Goccer and Gaugage Cricketg. Not forgetting Tennig...

Goccer - Chelgea footballerg jumping for joy

Gummer gport - Tennig and Gtrawberrieg!

That'g all for thig time.



©2007 The Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain