By Fuchsia Bunce

Boffy Tweggs, Supremo of the National Drain Board, has provided this edition's list of useful and often misused words. Tick the word or phrase nearest in meaning to the key word.

(1) extrorse (ex-traw'ss) A: extremely. B: additional equine creature. C to overwhelm. D: left-wing mob.
(2) cadige (cad-idj) - A: Barcelona. B: left-legged hurty dance. C: x-2n(p+42). D: thingy.
(3) gooreadiness (goo'red'i'ness) A: prepared for a state of stickiness, B: horse-blanket. C: abject dyspepsia. D: porbeagle.
(4) glitch (gli'ch) - A: dog-do. B: extrorse. C: the Carthaginians. D: commie rabble.
(5) indaba (inn'dubba) - A chronic taliacotian drinking haunt. B: exit from Tesco supermarket. C: zulu medical conference. D: no socks for Ivan.
(6) pligget (plig'git) - A: Secondhand manhole cover from Rangoon. B: something useful to pull. C: blunt instrument for removing Winfield labels. D Etruscan cheese biscuit.
(7) improxicable (imm'prox'ikabl) - A: beyond belief! B. disconcerting. C: imponderable. D: unwashed commie student layabout.
(8) glopple (glop'l) - A: gadget for opening Welsh doors. B.: sweetmeat. C: hummock on the West Teeth bypass. D: palliasse.
(9) taliacotian (tall'ia'koshun) A: unexpectedly round spherical object, B: small armadillo-like creature served in gravy. C: formule. D: eighty-three.
(10) barf (barr'ff) - A: contents of Ace barf holster. B: utterance of dog with speech defect. C: residue on soiled bus seat. D stream of ghastly spew.
(11) bazoot (buz'oot) - A: dog-do. B: Eastern European plastic mac for CZ owners. C: Eastern European plastic mac for a CZ. D: Czech suppository.
(12) lobotomy (lub'otomee) - A: Frank Trough's dog. B: a large toe-nail clipping. C: a group of pinko trouble-makers. D: an extinct dance.

If you haven't already cheated by looking at the answers, here is a guide to your vocabulary rating:
Score - 9 - 12 fair, 5 - 8 mediocre, l - 4 average, 0 - harmless.



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