The Official List Of...

Oh No!Royston!
Mushroom Salad!Thatway!
Turkey Sandwiches!Where are you!
Fish and Chips twice!I've been conspicuous by my absence!
Are you forty-seven!Q!
Car Park not good enough for you Vera!Could you keep that door open a bit longer I'm freezing my nuts off here!
Do you want any sauce!Vinegar!
Everything all right for you gents!Poughkeepsie!
Has anybody else ordered pork!It was in last night's Post wasn't it!
People of Royston!At this moment in time it's!
Coffee!Whaddareyou just!
Hello-u!I think it's something to do with mailing lists!
Aaahhh, monsieur le gardien du bâtiment!Just a procedure for Getnit Moor!
Two chicken leek and ham pies!Stand outside while you pay!
After you you've got the food!Hi mate you'll write!
I've put the ticket up my sleeve!Plums as big as your Mum's!
Are they from the brewery!I've got tied up in some ramifications!
Steak and kidney pudding!Glebe, Stackridge and Foss (Chartered Surveyors)!
I may be from South Yorkshire, but I know what a roulade is!The one nearest the stork!
Don't open the door unless you're going through it!Do that with your applicants!
I believe the number you're looking for is twenty-three!Thanks for coming!
Yes it's a pineapple!Seanabit!
Ten!I see you keep a bee!
You're the Dogsbody in sesh and I claim my five pounds!Managed to make a complete fool of myself!
The turkey and mushroom sandwich!Mmmmmmmmm...!
Mushroom Salad Ken!It's on the rim of the candle!
Mushroom Salad Mrs Ken!Now wash that phone!
Hello Brian Simon's friend!Any thin kelce!
It's not my major sport no!Sorry Mick thanks for the!
Hay U 2!
Andrew you got my khakis!
Can I squeeze past!
Hello sorry!
Two Pedigrees!
Can you sort me out another Guinness when you've got a second love!
Two halves!
I thought you'd done a runner!
Is that pints!
There's a turnup for the books!
What are we having to drink!
Table 5!
Jacket Mushroom!
Bunny Hall!
You'll have to ring the bell, pal!
Do you want to squeeze it!
Can I just get in there to get those two boards!
I'm not putting that in my fridge!
Is it your duck!
Anything else!
What table number!
Is anybody waiting for food!
Bring some pitzas in next time!
Are you ordering for Helen Bennett!
Sorry mate!
Have yooz ordered food!
Is everything O.K.!
Jacket with cheese and sausage without cheese!
Coke with ice and a slice!
Excuse me you're not driving a red Rover are you!
Do you want ice mate with the orange juice!

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