Mmmmmmmmmmmm' presents "A Medley Of Chewy and Snuteled Tomatoes on a Traditional Fish Bed"

From Dewsbury, it's Edna Ploff, better known to all you 'Wrap' and 'Flip-Flop' aficionados as Mmmmmmmmmmmm - the Yorkshire Wrapper

"Sometimes I just feel like, snuteling I still might
Get some tomatoes in the pan right, why do I still write
Sometimes it's tough when tomatoes ain't chewy enough
Take a break, get some hake on the griddle, no time to piddle
About like you're fishin', this bed's a tradition
Don't ask for lager, mate - you'll have to wait"

from "Gran" by Mmmmmmmmmmmm featuring Dog Do
lyrics reproduced by permission of Almost Anybody



Stretch horseblankets over the fish waste to create a traditional fish bed.
Pour on tomatoes.
Add hurrrssspppp to taste.
Bake at gas mark 4 (180°C) until snuteled tomatoes are snuteled and chewy tomatoes are chewy.


©2003 Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain