....and for our second recipe.... a chanteuse with the world's most popular caboose.... but you didn't know she was a chef !! It's Kylie's Arse!


Kylie's Arse brings you the gastronomic delight for the noughties and she sings a snatchette of the pop classic :-

"I sholuld eat good tucker
Tucker tucker tucker
I sholuld eat good tucker in 'Lough'"

Kylie's Arse presents "Jacket With Cheese and Sausage Without Cheese"

A Jacket With Cheese

Cheese hat #1

Cheese hat #2

Sausage Without Cheese

Kylie's Arse says "Yes, it's a greeting. Yes, it's a recipe. Yes, it's a pineapple!"



Remove assorted detritus from jacket pockets.
Place garment on a handy shovelboard to rest.
Using a shantewsey or an adapted U-bend, moisten jacket with the liquid ingredients - not forgetting the dog slobber.
Fill pockets with remaining ingredients - the mulch, the gtrawberries, vermin (peeled, cored and castellated), canker, ratto etc.
Sprinkle with generous quantities of the finest hurfenflurfi cheese - make sure this is 'touching cloth'.
Serve cold - just as it is - or grill over the barbecue.
Then cook a pan of sausages nowhere near the cheese.


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