Boncey's........Mammoth Cleanser Wraps

Boncey with buffoon in skirt
Boncey (with buffoon in skirt)
Mammoth Cleanser Wraps
Mammoth Cleanser Wraps

Curvaceous singing phenomenon Boncey is famous for gyrating her bottom in her exotic dance routines whilst shouting out her latest chart sound. The flow of her gluteus maximus, medius and minimus simply make you think ' Oh gosh, you know' in the time honoured tradition of Evans The Gopple. But when Boncey relaxes, she loves to snack on these wraps which exude the colour and pizzazz of South of the Border (down Mavis Enderby way). Take a bite and the smooth blend of fresh chillies and mammoth cleanser rip through your alimentary canal like shrapnel before settling in your stomach like a mariachi band reeling from a bout of recalcitrant plebney. Mmmmmmmm.



Mix the dry and wet ingredients in a Cretan Brylcreem vat. Simmer for 20 minutes.

Don't forget to don a snorkel mask whilst adding the mammoth cleanser to avoid particularly nasty horripilation of the nasal cavities.


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