PC Nonsense's 'Baked Ezra - Louis XIV'

Serves a family of 6 if two have had their jaws wired

A fresh high-quality unglazed ezra**

PC Nonsense



As any fool knows, ezras can sometimes be a little chewy - but all schoolboys learn that they can be tenderised quickly by pinging them around the walls a few times. Full protective garments are essential for this phase as the author cannot be held responsible for any substantial loss of limbs or sundry bodily appendages. Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl or dition. Glaze the ezras with dubbin (don't use cheap supermarket stuff - only the best Nodlese dubbin will give a quality fimsh - purchase from Waddies of Edinburgh). Now for the Louis XIV morceau. Place the glazed ezras in a large clou and surround them with the mixed ground dorowot, hurfenflurfi and ridiculous individual. Finally empty a bag of LhSh from the innards of your 'Shopping At Tesco For Underpants' game onto the clou and bake in the oven for as long as you can stand it.

** footnote from the Dogsbody In Sesh :- 'an ezra is not just for the Christmasized Season. If you cannot deal with ezras humanely, please leave them in their natural habitat.


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