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Let's face it. If you need good advice when it comes to preparing that special meal for that special someone - or even the family, where is any sensible person going to call first? You've guessed it! The Reader's Doglist - your first choice for the finer things in life!

And what a treat we have for you... once again we have spared no expense to bring you the best from one your favourite famous people!

Here's someone who needs no introduction. So let us introduce the world-famous essayist, raconteur, polyglot and LHSH - Any Fool! Any's modesty prevents him from bragging endlessly about his culinary prowess, but as his dentist will willingly confirm, here is a man who really gets his teeth into food. If you're totally clueless about quality food then you're NOT Any Fool!

Any Fool
Over to you, Any!

Any Fool's Something Something

From this...

Inside 'The Chossy'
To this...

Serving suggestionette...

'I sholuld like to explain that I'm no chef - but I was taught this and several other dishs by my pappy Lazlo back home in Toad Suck, Arkansas.

My pappy Lazlo

Not all roads lead to Toad Suck


Kitchen Utensilettes

Your everyday equipment sholuld suffice. A large lump hammer may prove useful to stun and flatten the voles if they prove lively.


Using a plastic funnel, gently pour the Cwrw-Cwrw into the budgies taking care to avoid spillage. Seal all orifices with a dab of Gloy.

Prepare the budgies (de-soil, feather and fillet) by feeding them through your standard kitchen soiled budgie extraction system. So far, so good good.

Arrange the lumps, voles, broskers and fluff on a suitably sanitized surface and dust vigourously with copious quantities of Mammoth Cleanser.

For this recipe to succeed it is ESSENTIAL that all your ingredients (wet and dry) are mixed in a genuine 'The Chossy' saddlebag. Get your 'The Chossy' from a quality source such as Waddies of Edinburgh.

Toss in some hurrrssspppp (to taste) and you're almost there.

At this point you need to leave the mixture to 'rest' - I suggest you take time to relax also. Why not complete some exercises from Wooz Choss-P's 'Friday Afternoon Latin' - there's always such fun to be had with a 'cum clause'!

Give yourself a good twenty minutes before moving on to the denouement!

Take a good handful of the mixture from your 'The Chossy' saddlebag and work in a good dollop of Gloy. Stuff this into your Vol-au-Vent receptacule and place on a well-greased baking tray. When all your mixture is used, bake your Something Somethings in a hot oven until blackened and crusty.

Decorate with Hundreds and Thousands and serve.

As my pappy Lazlo woluld say 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'



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