The Reader's Doglist Association of Great Britain proudly presents another stunning recipe! Not for us the mundane, typically-TV-chef sort of jobbee. Oh No! We, at the Reader's Doglist Association Of Great Britain, firmly believe in quality - but quality can sometimes emerge out of left field, off piste, Shepshed - who knows?

And so, without further a dog-do, we present our celebrity chef. None other than your favourite TV dog from the telly RIN TIN TIN! Hurrah! Think that dogs can't cook? Think again! Want to surprise your dinner party guests? You will! They'll be talking about your menu for years and years! With the help of the Reader's Doglist Association Of Great Britain, you are guaranteed success! Not only that - but, in the unlikely event of this recipe not working for you, we offer a full refund for the cost of your ingredients, monetary compensation for your time, skilled professional counselling for the long-term effects on your family and friends, rehabilitation, recovery aids, convalescence even a new identity - new passport, facial reconstruction - and, for the ladies, the tasteful insertion of extremely large new mamm...MORE

Rin Tin Tin's Nasty Surprise

Ingredients (to serve 6)

In a large Les Morris saucepan, bring the wee to the boil then stir in the ground dorowot and brown substance. Reduce the heat and simmer for the time it takes to gather the wasps (10 to 15 per person should suffice) and chew the bucket of grass. Stun the wasps and float them in the pan. This is the humane way. Once the grass is tender, bulk up the mix with the lungs, canker, shavings and clippings and stir vigorously until a satisfying modge is achieved. Tip the pan contents into the vat of custard. Decorate with Hundreds and Thousands and sprinkle the hurrrssspppp to taste. Rin Tin Tin always gets a friend or two to help with the manual bits (he favours Ron Peedee and/or Derek and Doris Hmmerpph... but you can choose your own friend(s))

Ron Peedee

Derek and Doris Hmmerpph
Serving suggestionette

Serve with a Moxie jus
Decorate with a smegma foam
Best consumed with a Fido 'ACME' Scooper (available at all decent stores including Waddies Of Edinburgh)

If you enjoy this recipe, and even if you don't, you'll love the music of Rin Tin Tin!
Exclusive to the Reader's Doglist Association Of Great Britain at a bargain price of £9.98.

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A tasty treat from down under! Skippy's 'Mrs Pouch'


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