Good old 'Schmorschi' is known to us already as the Reader's Doglist Special Advisor on all things to do with your favourite bits of New Technology.

But that's not all he knows about! Oh No! (Mushroom Salad!) He is the leading light in the new culinary movement which aims to take the haste out of food preparation. For example, Schmorsch was recently invited to cater for the Annual General Meeting of the Nately Scures 'Marcel Proust' Society. These literary buffs were overjoyed to have the opportunity to re-read every volume of Ŕ La Récherche Du Temps Perdu while Schmorsch prepared some beetroot soup!

Now that's slow! Indeedy.
'Marcel Proust'
Snot Eric
(Nately Scures Marcel Proust Society)

Professor Liggi Schmorsch introduces you to:

Prof. Liggi Schmorsch's Cascading Style Pork

Liggi recommends that you :-
Cascading (Irish) Style Pork Ingredients:
  • 1500 gr. Finest Style Pork (Irish)
  • 250g Ground Dorowot (de-plebnied)
  • 4 large Onions (Maurice)
  • 6 slices Cassava bread (castellated)
  • 500g Hurfenflurfi cheese
  • 1 tsp Whiteman's Firewater
  • Some pulverised Whinny
  • Extraportion Pudding
  • A sack of spuds

The Method

Day One - Slowly peel the potatoes

Day Two - Arrange the pork

Day Three - Take a break to develop an appetite

Day Four - Place the pork in the Slow Cooker

Day Five - Start the cooking process. Chop ingredients that look like they might benefit from this. Add to pork. After several hours, slowly cascade the resultant dobbe from a great height onto a serving platter. Your guests might like to don some form of protective clothing immediately prior to this process. Finally, generously top with Hurfenflurfi and season with hurrsssppppp.

Serve with gravy and lumps. Bon Appetit!


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