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Almost Anybody's 'Baked Cheese-Filled Bodge Leaves'
Mrs. Mason's Chips
Cake Smith's 'E Balawi'
Bill Smurthwaite's 'Warm Trifle Surprise'
Legson Kayira's 'Bowl-A-Wumpi'
Woluld Whortleberry's 'Grilled Goats 'n Cheese'
Aggie Warburton's Slough Bake
Mrs. Mason's World-Famous 'Extraportion Pudding'
Pam and/or Tex Herrrcch-Byerrrrrrccch's 'Goat's Nut Parcels'
Prof. Liggi Schmorsch's 'Cascading Style Pork'
Hale 'Bale' Sssssss' 'Cornish Ventongimps'
Fontainebleu Coughs 'Errant Apostrophe Fish Terrin'
Aeropus The Lycenaestrian's 'Crap Shark'
The Cast Of Space Patrol's 'Game Casserole E Herby Dumplings'
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm's 'A Medley of Chewy & Snuteled Tomatoes on a Traditional Fish Bed'
Kylie's Arse's 'Jacket With Cheese' & 'Sausage Without Cheese'
Boncey's 'Mammoth Cleanser Wraps'
Droanie Oswald & Li'l Grimey Oswald's 'Shostakovich Meatpie'
Matt Munro's 'Tropo'
Heinrich Böll's 'Switzy Fingerlets'
Abdul Al-Haaqq's 'Christmasized Eighty-Three'
PC Nonsense's 'Baked Ezra Louis XIV'
Verstopfung Durchfall's 'Filthy Mess'
Lettuce Swesch's 'Lettuce Swesch'
Any Fool's 'Something Something'
Heinzi & Edith Spulmaschine's 'Austrian Roadkill-Style Parmo'
Fray Bentos & George Beef's 'Not Chicken Dinner'
Rin Tin Tin's Nasty Surprise


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