How appalled I am by the selfishness of that species known as 'the driver'!

I am certain that we have all witnessed those who still insist on driving whilst pressing a mobile 'phone to their ear (usually driving white vans, curiously), despite the fact that it is not only illegal, but widely regarded by experts to be more dangerous than driving under the influence.

Also, one cannot escape the conclusion that the current fad for 4x4s is purely to make a statement about one's self. The only statement they make to me is 'I've got more money than sense, and I couldn't give a damn about accelerating global warming'.

And whatever happened to indicators? I have to assume that in this day and age, particularly on up-market vehicles, they are a cost option, which most opt out of. Presumably, only losers actually let other road-users know what their intentions are. I therefore number myself among the losers. Had I £1 for each time I had sat at a roundabout waiting like a sap while some dolt turns off without signalling over the last couple of years, I would be a very a rich man.

Then of course there are those chumps who continue to drive around with their foglights on several weeks after the last spell of poor visibility, or those who do not appear to have mastered the headlight dip switch.

Also, whatever happened to the concept of 'right-of-way'? So many fatheads drive menacingly on the wrong side of the road, because theirs is blocked, insisting that others give way, and angrily remonstrating, should they assert their right-of-way.

I have not begun to tackle rat-running, speeding in built-up areas, those who doze off at traffic lights and those who drive frustratingly slowly, whilst ensuring that no-one can overtake them. As to parking, that is an entire topic of its own.

Why is it that when we get behind the wheel of a car, whatever sense we had is lost?

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