Shampoo Bottles

How appalled I am by the cynical manipulation of the general public by shampoo manufacturers!

Please consider the design of those plastic shampoo bottles. Why on earth are they sold with domed caps? Only so that people will feel discouraged from standing the bottle on its head when it approaches empty, thus extracting the remaining shampoo.

I am certain that I do not need to remind anyone of the logistical problems involved in manipulating the hot and cold taps or the shower head, and then trying to stand a wet and slippy shampoo bottle on its domed end. The task becomes close to insurmountable, and I feel certain has given rise to more early-morning expletives than anything else in modern society.

In this manner they are coercing us into throwing away small quantities of shampoo with each bottle and buying more. This may sound frivolous, but when one considers globally the amount of shampoo that is being thrown away because of this spiteful packaging, and the consequent pollution, one can grasp just how malevolent this type of design really is.

It is time we all stood up to these corporations, and say a loud "we know what you're up to, and we don't like it". One of the few places we can do this is at the checkout, by disregarding the subtle ego-massage of their advertising (what, exactly is the "it" that I'm worth?) and buying only shampoo that comes in practical packages. I feel sure that together we can get them to change their nefarious ways and return to sensible and practicable packaging.

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