The Reader's Doglist is proud to endorse the excellant work of the many Tat Catalogues currently operating in World-Wide Smiberspace (WWS).

These catalogues really do have it all. If it's a Blackhead Remover you were after, an Armchair Dog, a Multi-Purpose Car Kettle, a Lint Shaver, a Culinary Blowtorch, a Musical Toilet Roll Holder, a Pan Lid Organiser, an electronic Cat Scare, a Parking Meter Money Box, a Fibre Optic Cactus, a Combined Hatstand and Golf Putter, a Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer, a Radio-Umbrella or any of a myriad other uni-purpose gadgets, these catalogues are for you! No, really!

To order one of these top-quality catalogues, choose a link from the range below.


World Distributors

Sadly, since they've restructured their business to more conventional goods, we've had to remove the link to Kaleidoscope - once a specialist in this kind of merchandise; now just any old catalogue.

We would like to provide a comprehensive service to the Discerning Tat Seeker. If you know of any good ones which are not on this list, please e-mail us - either Holes, Pastewort or Ramptreacle at ReadersDoglist dot Com, and if we like them we'll add them to the list. And thanks in advance for your help!


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