Real Ale Music, New Lad magazine, Owd Lad magazine, Anything Else magazine, Ham!, Tuna Mayo!, BLT!, You don't want to get sucked into the transactional end, Number 2 for the Bristol Stool Chart, surreptisch, talking about dog-do and laughing, nincompoop, Lothario, Batmanuel, Phil Shelves, I don't see anything funny in logarithms, Home 'n' Awash, Mash 'n Onion Gravy, Salad and Garlic Bread, stchoopid, on a mish, there coluld be stool everywhere, descriptor, Bristol's still got its marbles, LMetrics, sitting here waiting for a crisis, JPO, 4 inches of wallet shoved in your back pocket, Jim Lyons!, Barbecued Stuffing!, Steak 'n' Ale Pie!, borderline Christmasization, the folks that live on the bench, wait until they've got dog-do to get their teeth into, One senior citizen's lasagne!, talking about dog-do, christmasized dog-do festooned with hundreds and thousands, stew 'n' dumplings, sausage 'n' mash!, 'Am!, Soup!, business intelligence, a stool chart is for life, scouting for dog-do, Is the cat O.K.!, Any Fool's Something Something, formation line management, Two Soups!, the half-arsed greeting, the first tidied-up exam time, Cajun Chicken Wrap!, no greeting, Gammon Soft Cob!, Two Sausage 'n Mash!, the cow at the end of Moscow, Plan 'n' Tran, the Fish Radiator, the dearth of dog-do, Hello Lasagne!, Pie 'n' Tran, You got prawn bag-ettes!, Enjoy!, Thank you ladies!, the four-wheel drive bag-ette, SUB, Two Shepherd's Pies!, Er another one!, it was an error of magic, One Vegetable Soup!. Plates are very hot!, Mustard!, Stilton 'n' Apple!, presque fimshed, bejohnnied and becauliflowered, Can I take these away for you!, One cheese cob and one ham!, Ploughman's 'n' Wrap!, BLT no butter!, I've got one bacon brie!, the Reader's Doglist - home of the recycled Foglas story, recyclists par excellance, hot greetings, Rissoles!, Or, She's very pretty!, Sideboard!, text from your boiler, shit off!, Ewan Clare, Still looking at her ugly mug!, The Chossy, Snopake, Gloy, an error of New Technology, senema, Helmut R. Sparter, Jubbly, everybody wins, hello are you all right!, bacon 'n' brie 'n' smoky bacon!, stilton, apple 'n' mayo!, two lasagnes!, Loose Bowels Monthly, Bowel Movement Weekly (for those who cannot wait), wazzy, Wazzy Cardie Weakly, Wicky Worky, Time & Motions Study Monthly, looming, swizzle stick, looming hiatusette, Liver 'n' Onions!, And Stew!, blakey, spate, Oktoberfool, Fam. R. Evers, Jacket Potato 'n' Prawns, The Hapless Buffoon, The Chairman's Nosebag, eighty-three.


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