Aftersnot, a good exam time question: "Fish Waste and Fog - the similarities. Discuss", Sicklaying, the chod factor, Human Resources, slush fund suppurating, Boltneck 'n' Burl, Orson, gloat, I've got fish-waste up my sleeve, heading off into fish-waste territory, fish kettle, alphabetti spaghetti, mek that two pots!, fritters - spam or time, standing in dog-do, the legendary adventures of Mrs Pouch's teeth, the russian digitable camera, Bingo Barf, Barf Bingo, Urea, assembling our furniture is a piece of piss, if you've got any swaps, Hoppy Barnes barnet, smegapixules, turning up Gordon Oldham and not finding Ron Dog-Do, the man who put the Barnes in Barnet, meat raffle, Turpo Wodka, Urea 'Kwalitee' Chod Sauce, drink 'Aware' Couk, squash bats, that's got legs, favourite fifty barnets, 'would you like cash back, sir', 'we're off, Alison!', Horspiss bakery, it's in the fridge, Chod Valley Road, the waterboys, hoosegow, moosecow, sicksweek, The Lant, Asda 24p lager, tables and chairs are here!, Maurice men, The University of the Arse, Tuna with or without mayonnaise, as before, 'Hello Waterboys!', shopping, 'sorry full fat low fat!', Arsene Lemon, Orson Kerridge, crem de la crem, Do-odlebug, it's one of those days when I've never got enough hands, 'Lasagne!', 'Good Good!', we are no. 1 for chod, cheese? - make mine cheddar, is that Lindsey! It's Alison you dullard!, toint, Human Resources - I use the term loosely, home made mushroom, wodge, bring back the vocative, pbwllpblblpwbllpwpllb, the turning to Normanton, bitumen handbook banana, doing the shopping, chewits, Usain Bolt-Neck, 'cheese and onion sandwich!', 'white or brown!', lucky aerosol, holidays with the prolapses, 'you don't want to see our dinners!', flavour of the week please with or without mayonnaise, addishs, premlge, we've cornered the market in quality, Mr. Bursley, whimbrel, Parking TV, buffoon, sit you on a ducking stool with something electrical shoved up your jacksy, charabanc, Britney Cottage, solar panel - no!, the cold distinct, the wireless Hotpoint, toggy, nibbets, slurry, lippee, a heaming steep, ideal if you live near trees, dobbers, oaf, a sodge-urn, the watusi, the Shepshed Factor, I'm as bog as the next man, a Doglist selection box, the Hot Nuts theory, JPO, e-pock, tyre arranging, top tat, Officer Dribble, Britney Ferries, The Do console, DŁ, bats, bag of bats, tyre arrangers, caboose, Goo, wrangle, no more nibbets, anchovies, hydrangea, quobble, brishing, mullet, sorse, Tap Grind haiku, the Broskersoft installation routine, the fimsh button, the Doglist shipping forecast, live from the Vatican, Vinyl Lionel, "Playing Safe" by Almost Anybody, rock 'n' roll phew!, ten fags and a bottle of champagne, 'I'm only a shrimp!', just-in-time glass smah, awry, Sri Bleh, the A-Z of Dog-Do, photographing dog-do for ladies, just checking for haemoglobins, dine 'n' dash, women's bloating, twatter, 'who's participating!', pre-wet, dead lynx, dead vile, a stealth greeting, Jacksy - the Doglist graffiti artiste, eighty-three


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