Man of the cloth, Horse Liniment, Bill Cheesewright, the busdriving years, Una Stubbs, Alice Springs, the rhine in Spine, Sidney - come and get your glass Smah money!, so much for Arundel, foot or horseback, the Reader's Dogsbody, never feel like a chump again, shoehorn it in, mushy onion swaisy, car-oleism, sea kebabs - how?, wire turp, the guff goes on, Boforswards, chiggettes, the anti-social club, Anti-social Services, Auntie Fridge, Nan Maynard, schreppence, Crinan canal, Smibertext, spiced mandrill, byez billyetom, Chubb Nitrates, looks good…..should run, hiatus, get my goats to the pub on time, mushroom salad at the door, garish but there, a fruitful wordlist day, ventilated premises, meeting round at Hector's house, an Alan in Poots clothing, ablative absolute, bald park figure, ball point figure, wimmin's meetings, no sirreee Bob, no sirreee Pants, The Wooss's Wimple, (Irish) Style Pork, the good ship Utupus, it's axiomatic, knees and hips to prefix it, ribeve, chunks, they're nice motors, Dilemmas, Ted Chippington, cruising with Gaylord, expectorate in the cuspidor, Great Expectorations, rest on your laurels for a lonchtime, in sityew, Doglist calendar, that's it for smoked haddock, come home to the Reader's Doglist, Dean and Nigel, Excavating Royston, Domestic Science and Snorkel, in one transom and out the other, Big on Human Interest, ‘We’ve Got New Technology On Our Side’, euro-hit, blend it in, Reader’s Doglist Study Notes, a week is a long time in exam time, famous double-acts, Bootsie and Snudge, quality will not be hurried, bent and spindled - folded or mutilated, massaging over the cracks, more than one iron to fry, bumper-stickers - Mushroom Salad and Royston, going from strenght to strenght, Beef And Theakston pie, absolument, Mus Hroom, ommellette, Dennis 'Sinatra' Moss, reccommenddation, willy-nilly, custard, wimbledon, egg-bound, lurking, propelling-penicillin, stymied, wogs, 'Twenty-Six !', no - not as such, ground breaking new greeting, can I have a long stand?, a pint of lager please, chipolata, mywifewent, are you forty-seven?, all new-age Johnnies, thatway!, whereareyou!, there are some chumps out threre, gorilla stance, Dogsbody in sesh, No. 3 out of all the injuns, off the boil, Katie Boyle's deux points, gooreadiness, shitaki hahahahahahahaha, juncture, it's an interesting time in exam time, bookendish, goes down a storm in the States, must lay their part, writing stick failure, PC Nonsense, the Old Bill's representative, on mass, struggerlling, a healthy wordlist is a joy forever, marvulous, , MS Shoebuff, "I've been conspicuous by my absence", shed, in garage, "fish and chips twice!", diesel staying put, self-serve just-in-time furniture, gorilla greetings, positive whelkter, it could have been Basildon, close your eyes when you chuck, prosthetic, cuffing in the jennies, synchronised valediction, "everything all right for you gents", freshly mixed paste, spam rissoles, Kingston Bagpuize, Les Morris Dancers, the Arkle and Swarfega Rubber Band, Dean Lanza Sound, New automatic just-in-time tables, "do you want any sauce?", analog furniture, smart furniture, JITT - makers of Smart Furniture™, christmasized, JITT Inc., dribs and drabs, allow Bob to do his job, not what I asked for à la grècque, the aaaahhhh of recognition, shameless, urrrrr-Royston, arbiter of taste, decency and good valediction, 'Big On Human Interest, Big On The Causes Of Human Interest', the prefaired table, Cuffy, Statesmen No. 147, July 12th 1873, are you all together, nicely circular, expresh, JITT certified, perhaps they're not from around these parts, incommunicavocado, the Lant, Shepshed, Lemon Soufle, orcad, Old Speckled Herring, Control Section, it's a classic, Cilla Black - not in my house, car park's not good enough for you Vera, it's the season of mushrooms, merry mushrooms and a happy new lenght, Pole 'n' Whistle position, it's not semolina, barman and soda, doozeberry, could you keep that door open a bit longer I'm freezing my nuts off here!, substantial cuffing, looks good sholuld run, a side order of pants thrown in, any way shape or formule, synchronized valedictions, the master of greetings, juncturette, marvulous, Lamb hatpat, Lamb botpot, provisi, Q, kyou, The Swan, Oh No Q, yyyyyyeee…no, the 447, c'est bizarre, aloe vera, hygiene, beermat, Doris produces the letters, dishs, has anybody else ordered pork!, pubes, dieseldown, eighty-three.


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