Book pen, writation, apricot & goats, Q-zine, fifty fabulous unimaginative names, dog-do on his shoulder, stool in the morning - that's the dream, on the loose, on the table, brochures from the army, when dog-do comes around, large paper bags, mobule phone protection kit, pensule, Kel Dommage, The 4 Player, 'You just 'ad sausage 'n' mash didn't you, John!' , 'Two more!', the famous fifty pointless things, file under unpopular, mantle with aplomb, 'chips 'n' mushy!', beer writers, our wonderful world of cardboard, Spirita, Arqiva, odour Mansfield, solida, our wonderful world of soil-pipes, non-stop do, cheese prom, busterless, skating on thin ice, sixsheds, the Pope & Hoppy Barnes, (don't call me) unJulieAndrews, a Victory For Common Sense, demolshed shed, politisch, Srelton, award-winning lavatories, quality finds its own level, systrussed, there's dog-do on the table, comedy citrus, you've missed a bit, putting the frighteners on Ramptreacle, talking about dog-do..., a page of Bob, a similar elk, cusp, Shed Ewell, 'Orse Pish, On France, in store or go on line, giros in euros, Cake Dearth, Cake Glut, the Ruddington Luge Team, laughing at the menu, served with relish, salid dressings, cold drink sandwich, thick spectacles only, gnity, rehydrated bird lime, instant guano, eighty-three


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