Effulgence, pompous, is anybody waiting for food!, cauliflower chegge, Master of New Technology, the Pineapple Treatment, snubette, ghrimp gauce, bring some pitzas in next time!, heaving not in the conventional sense, talking about mushrooms without actually mentioning them, are you ordering for Helen Bennett!, sorry mate!, have yooz ordered food!, the pafferatzi, the sofa break, recepsch, backishs, is everything O.K.!, jacket with cheese and sausage without cheese!, hiatus, I'm not writing that down, even pleaseder, canoed, sorry Mick thanks for the!, Coke with ice and a slice!, toothsome, gtrawberries, steering board, chewy tomatoes, a medley of chewy and snuteled tomatoes on a traditional fish bed, safe mode, excuse me you're not driving a red Rover are you!, bosh, do you want ice mate with the orange juice!, better an empty house than a bad tenant, gwordfish, crap lobster, gummer fruit pudding, potato of the day, gospo cleaner, between wine gums and goats, tinternet, any thin kelce!, minor revizh, fannying, bob park, bovvy, Elvis Smedley, Veg Medley, Pan Fried Snapper on a bed of freshly minted coins, powergenitalia, the Volgagirl, the Ollie Beak and Fred Barker, silence - exam time in progress, tie restaurant, technology (not New), sing-a-log, Master of New Technology (MNT), exam time in the corridor, snakeblanket, Beef and Malt Wine, omish, the surprise pint, tant piss, auntie piss, genklemun, refression, The Major Contribution To Road Safety, an extra'r in glass smah, drippage, is that dart board to go back up!, do you want a long one or what!, two guests!, the Sound Of Chips, reishss, collecsh, Elvis Smedley & the Zoo Spartans, Shelthorpe University, walking on custard, izzee teckinner piss, very nice Angela!, lanch, funny old bird gramma, the Dogsbody in Sesh in a loop, sorting the Wheatsheath from the Chath, 309 with 310, gravy cob with salad garnish, bracketed gravy, barium burger, smoked haddock ravebit, maius, by all means!, that ice cream for 39 was it mint!, eighty-three.


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