Transactional round the edges, Hoppy Barnes, Doglist rhyming slang, Elgood-good's Old Wegg, turn down the dross, mantle with aplomb, talk your way into an Adnams Coastal shirt, non-stop parking, jazzy cardie, Schwarzwaldhorn, bringing service (campingbus), "people with a passion for it - The Reader's Doglist", strap line and a half, spedition, ushes, weshy, dieseldown, Boosh Bay, heaving - at least in one sense, unreconstructed deconstructionism, please don't call me Frankly, heavy rotaishe, no fannying around in the menu system, offill, Ghee de Maupassant, the Horse's Replacements Replacement's, 'Rev. James!', the isosceles bucket, let 'em 'ave ferrets, cauliflower crisis, in the knickertime, "if they start getting tiddly, I'm out of here", calculated to offend, the return of PC Nonsense - "Evenin' all", sweet sherry to alcopops - the road to perdish, as in preparationaiched, pithy, 'I'm the crusty one!', big on stools - big on the causes of stools, soiled water, 'You are the two sausage and onions!', Alan Kayida, Alan Kayida is not far from Legson Kayira, well bugger this!, the customary exclamaish, redefining the boundaries of non-descript, 'oozneckst!', 'the Remix!', synchronised wine opening, electrician's mate card handle, the ladsa Wypenham dahnah, the Nottingham Drunkard, periodicules, formulealities, slung out of the newsagents, Practical Pantswap, Winkling Today, etiquettie, duplicaish, The Home of the Sensibule Trouser, Chump Magazine, Ordinary Monthly, dealing with someone else's skidmarks, the brand new Mrs. Pouch, frontispiece, potato shite, Popular Verruca, tepid, fruntend, it has some strategy to it (especially for the dog) - but at the back end it's transactional, Popular Motions, Practical Pebbledashing, shilly-shallying around in the strategic bit, What Fishwaste!, Alan's Favourite Fifty Dog Stools, Number 1 for dog Number 2s, 'Would you like coffees ladies!', 'You've left your gamp!', eighty-three.


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