It becomes truer by the minute, it's golden balls, leitmotif, the fundamental location for the modern exam time, posteriority, Konzeptrich, Doglist Motivational Consultants, the silencer of chips, The Red Lion Mathematics Base (Bar Divizh), Eric Clapton & the Sound of Chips, choozdy, a 321 and not in the Ted Rogers sense, New Technology™ - isn't it, marvulous, officer class butchers, stand when you mention New Technology, New Technology wines, quotation fingers - switzy or otherwise, choilt for spoice, help!, Going For A Solidus (with Arthur Negus), trademark metre, Yoorp, pœm, the glass that inebriates and cheers 'as well', oh - the grease!, conventional in the conventional sense, NT getting a bit OTT, glass smah fizzy muck, 'the guff, the bob and indeed the pants', fick and thast, runs in the family like diarrhoea, a physical exam time, millestomy - but they'll have you out again in two days, leap up and get glass smah in, trap-go, interim soluche, floreat tempus examinibus, salid, multi-polar bears, unchristmasized premises - Reader's Doglist approved, the Custodians of Grammatical Concision, krekt, salid garnition, pump up the dross, Ernest Beverage, EB & the Glass Smah Crisis, dart calm, a stream of ghastly spew, midweekition, closer to Foglas, languition, churlition, quaffabule, discush, refretion, glass free, variache, Waddies of Edinburgh - your local supplier, substansh, a shiter pade of wail, MS-DOSS, are we drinking water today then, pudding!, a satchet of fish-waste, sooperbugs, European directive on Johnny Foreigner quotas, 'you basically go by the ring road!', eighty-three

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