There you go ladies all I would say is watch yourself the plates are very hot!, That's all right he's an old buffer let him in, Sharps Do Bar, on the tin, omishs, the family do, who put the shed in shedge, bustling, all-new as opposed to half-old, Pie!, blank on the other side bitter, the comedy tap, Ramptreacle - the New Man, The Tap and Mullet, goocompare, Olympic bottle throwing and canal swimming, pedallo, the Olimpet Games, London ZOIZ, the Largely "Irrelevant" 1.6 GFS, Plaid Cymru, Almost's Largely, it's there but rarely where you want it to be, Conan on the Khyber, bumf, latrine, dog-do helps in more surprising ways every day, Is that garden peas or mushy peas!, That's fifteen ninety altogether!, delivering excellance, Broskia, The Drain Board re-branded, insultants, affectionados, Gamp chart, the "LHSH" snerch injun, the Broskia "Largely Jubbli", only available in brown, nappy green, busterless, ditch volleyball, mobberley, swoth, having your trees done, keep an eye on Norman Roberts, winalot, Reg Test, piss poor, Christmas chips, Let s Brewering with enjoy, lunge, jaydriving, I'm bog all the way to Christmas, eighty-three


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