The Carthaginian mathematics base, gamp, giglamps, fleabag, blowy, 'have we got any fish today!', beflip-flopped, the proverbial piss, a while is a long time in exam time, behooves, digitable camera, New Terminology, aromatherapy, billyocean, scanshun, the dark days before New Technology, tell 'em to piss off, cessment center, Assyrian Bristol stool chart, finest Etruscan fish-waste, the thrill of the corridor… the sound of chips, the horse's replacement is due for replacement, unsurpassed in the field of fish, fishwasteburgerasoneword, slurrypaste, Merton by the glass, give yoyrself a 306, the Eurovision Cup, the New Technology banter, the Butterstumps, the role of underpants in the modern Shopping at Tescos game - discuss, bobbing along, job done, j.d.,pre-ordered barf, yes please!, the chip silencer, LHSH, which one d'you want butter on!, two!, conneksh, nice assonance, vision of a slim volumette, digitable camera & bolt-cutters, eighty-three.


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