The return of comedy citrus, citrus doing the twitch, two small gammons!, I for Luton, rugger, slurp, Top Deck shandy, Itching in Arts, g'trus, Can of Do spirit, until ready…, add things to do - add do to things, General Detritus, my nan won't play you again, tuba, grotto, 'we've got you over in the dining area!' the weeing wall goes viral, please see staff for details, in full sweng, Lady Gah!, coffees where am I goin' wi' these!, deck the halls, spreading, two more!, cheese 'n' chilli chips!, coffee!, dearth, durth, cheese 'n tomato toastie!, cheesy chips again!, Is me apple pie nearly done!, home of the famous envelope, only the week before we had a pair of underpants, Hapsburg-Bumppo, Wales, gammon!, mellodramatron, synchronized citrus, Captain Wales, aaaaaaaahh - an interface!, skwirting data, synchronized farting, have we done the slitty-eyed people, have we done darkies, seasonal gravy, chip waving, birdie num num, don't get us started on quality, last years pics, clippings bag, banged up for possesh, Mrs P was thinking of Wales, The Kate, The Bingo, Irish Face Flannel, Strines, are you mad?, Sticky's your choice, meat raffle, Yoorp, everything all right for you folks!, shuffle yer deck, scampi!, week 53, The Service Desk, all toilet seats up, 'Fish with Salad!', Do you want your candle lit folks!, St Aveley, I make it Wednesday!, eighty-three


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