Alfalfa, hogwash, mills-bomb, platoon, horseradish, largely, punter, word-list, boyng, Chelsea, kosher, anchovies, pepper, septic-tank, giblets, Bofors-gun, direct debits, guinea-pig, Orly Airport, peer-group, anus, bland, chimney, half-past now, instant curtains, Abba, garnish, rawlplug, "Has anyone got the pickle?", waffle, Dunroamin, tenterhooks, ponderosa, parameter, bobby-soxer, ball-bearing, thirsty, intrepid, cod-fingers, The Old Bill, The Filth, Unemployment-benefit, prefab, Jungle Jim, bollocks, luncheon voucher, culture-vulture, dentures, widdle, gherkin, mince-pies, bottom, Christmas, clingfilm, bupa, Ali Baba, Control-Section, dinner, Bangkok, waz, bodacious, quasi, blizzard, jurisprudence, unpleasant, Horace Batchelor, Keynsham, infradraw method, Ronnie K. Reggae, Filetab, Ron & Mrs. Dog-do, The Nolan Sisters, haggis, cow-pats, buffer, Mister Carrington, remiss, fish-waste, "Thank you, maestro!", wagge, honky, stymied, bursting, Watching the Old Bill work, brunch, gartons, The Pole and Whistle, spelling-bee, wedding-tackle, Mister Bursley, Kelloggs briefcase, blurb, bumff, Ken Morecombe, trunks, surge, hernia, blabbermouth, Terry Venables, CZ Jukebox, Joe Dolce, Fish it out and put it down, Frank Scenario, delusions, dribbles, sweat-shirt, sweat-shop, Dead-Vile, Super Wernets, Wincanton Transport, euphemasia, Test-Match, Dansette, swingeing, peripherals, Cludo, Waddies of Edinburgh, Nalgo, eighty-three.


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