Anybody ordered bacon and brie!, You ordered any food!, the Exam Time bag hook, Wally Whyton, e-Tat, a butcher's pencil, more fat on, one lovely and one wazzy, festooned do, Sorry!, Which one are you!, Ooooo 'ello!, parking taking a back seat, wazzened, 'relocaish, relocaish, relocaish', One Cajun crusty!, Dead Vile's nylon shirt, The Local Government Officer, putting the 'do' into lunchtimes, the soup knife, Two Ploughman's ladies!, It's all about presentation!, Did you order some food no!, Stilton, apple and mayo!, the war of nutrition, the road to domestos moment, 'ear duck!, all the trap-gos of success, The Socks and Sandals, See if there's any breeze!, One Day International Dog Fouling, eralogy, Nick Faido, The Shed Extension, Ice and lemon in all!, the something t-shirt, communal wasp-slapping, Back to Bristol, stuck in the phlebotomy clinic, get the stool out!, Sharga Landy, 'monkey see, monkey do', The Water Boys, a lot of No.2 gets to No. 1, Tugboat Annie, prawn mayo!, Gerald Stansfield, Bernard Purdue, Phil Bates, I've always told him he should close his curtains, parmo, puddig, chip & vegetables, salso, fajatis, apposite, fetter rap, Y'all right!, JP Coleslaw!, Bernard N Bunce, carbonnet acid, slebs, Yaw Mait's Parmo recipe, chips and pin, the maestro of the suite couplet, you say that as if it were a bad thing, releasing gas in some shape or formule, the official Doglist nomenclature, ritual abuse, socks and underpants again, haddock - then let nature take its course, the clack area, Christmasized Dog-Do - only from the Reader's Doglist, the scrolly area, chod, speak up Brown you're through, loonies, Viet-taff, dinners, thoughts of ferrets, violence on their minds and paper hats on their heads, he's dead, the red-oxide express, the LPP factor, 30 seconds mate just got to nip to the cellar!, the undisputed specialists in volume dog-do, blotchy, ghopping at Tegco, Gaingburyg, Leg Toplig, gnuteled, no time mate, bogus, bognus, bog-roll, bog-trotter, bog'ouse, fish radiator WAN, slap-on tools, a feast of sport, swanning around, passing the Brush, are you still awake there!, phoke, a chod on your shoulder, Cuffy's barnet, b'dim, they call it communication - but I'm not so sure, spasm, you were the little fat bugger!, glass smah, chips 'n' mash, the function band, The Dung Beatles, standing in dog-do, dog-do doesn't stand still, George Beef, Fray Bentos, The Business Book Club, The Pleasure of Business, get dog-do off your chest, we've taken on dog-do and now we've got to run with it, impulse pants, skidproof pants, avoid mess, garden bed, keep your house fog free, you can't sweep fog under the carpet, Brite light, ack-ack battery, seventy-six without loss!, exam time is coming and abuse is just around the corner, gleefully, smattering, chod spread, lippee, No. 7 Chod Squash, slip a bit of haddock, guppies, mackerel, we've done midgets, educate, inform and snorkel, Miles - get down!, fill your boots, timecarpet, fogbrush, balaclava helmet, sou'wester, horsegolf, slurry, John Pete!, a hundredandtoof!, haven't left any wet patches chaps!, barnacle, Swad, IT Business Plan, business spreadsheet, rancid visitation, I think there must have been something better on ITV, canned Fray Bentos wine, Wilco primer, sheep-duck, bogoff, Diane!, Pete on 'oliday John!, fowl swoop, Saxe-Coburg Goat, Trill, pretty boy, Chod Cricket, Notting Bee and Cider Fest, chodlets, the 85 year rule, Siete Soles, moribund, all right John!, the Fish Waste song, fish-waste to go, a jar of Shippams fish-waste paste, eighty-three

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