Armitage Shanks, rammle, envigilator, decrepitude, Phil on the Sofa, Hermans Hermits, Daliance, I.T.'s not my folt, Stool & Urinal, invigilatahs!, office johnnies, hot as Harry, glass smah, wilde, Brie Nylon, Dead Vile, defining new standards in Exam Time, Great Caesar's Ghost!, guff, bob & pants, lamprey, Widnes!, large tub, hot nuts, obscene, results, String of Pants, Gah!, Mushroom Salad, Pebcak, Mullet, Smiberspace, Oh No!, Just-in-Time Tables, Royston, Northolt Swimarama, Bob Harness, Every Dog Has His Do, Almost Anybody's Greatest Hits, good good / indeedy, Vic Damone & the Ramones, chips 'n gruff, pie 'n mix wi' gravy, The New-Age Adventures of the New Róbinhood, Chimpules, not as such, prefaired, Matt Munro, bus-driver, "jackets off freewheelin'", important business concept, cheesy guffs, beefy guffs, new technology, snack foods, ombionce, FieldFormule, moose, bumper bundle, BFPO, "when you've got a quality product, you just keep churning out the same old quality", WYSIBOS, The Healing Power of Tarmac, Anusol, Say It With Cheese, addenda, Fin de Siècle, Bill Smurthwaite Fitness and Cement Centres, Dalby Borup, Gartons Sehciwdnas, Mean... moody... magnificent... snorkel, Cadigum et scomber specto, Happy New Widnes, New Minnellium, Maurice Pebcak, attendant Glass Smah, excellant, harness, actionee, Blehm, buckswashling, fimshed, formule mulletsgalore, Casual Ceramic Invigilator, Bref & Chewer, Rosyton! The lenght! The breadht!, Usual time. Usual place. Usual snorkel. One-Day International Parking, Cereals 2000, Sheep 2000, Ralph Mellish, your favourite language, Philip Pastewart, Trout Parcels, Vegetarian Shepards Pie, Monkfish Thermidor, Individual Fruit Knees, see you at the New Age Adventures of Exam Time, search injuns, Well done!, trousers, foreign johnnie holiday resorts, scurfing, pencils sharpened and ready to go, there and back under some other steam with a purpose, Broskersoft, articule, sat on a hot pepper salad, Auntie Pants, "Shut up!" says Mr. Mellish, Tedstone Wafre, Wayzgoose, Loblolly Pines, Purslow Clunbury, The Home Of Sensible Trousers(tm), Cheap Johnnies, a whole array of johnnies, Hafler arrangement, I was No. 300, Tommy Atkins, glass smah has served its purpose, Mick Hat, Crackpot, Elgoodgood, Elindeedy, Arr-chive, it's not the same, Mow-zart, concerto for Hoot and Flarp, banter, 50 quid to you John, Whizzy New Interface, petrol crisis shenanigans, bandwagon, Sheep World, Heinrich Böll, Burl Ives, Tanzpause, The Great Glass Smah Crisis 2000, a hugely reduced sensible trouser, extra-ordinary exam time, new tradition, all Bush and Gore, I'm from Yorkshire, y'know, lavish, jumble sale rage, popsocks, foofoo valve, fish paste dispenser, poff, Harvest mince pies, kebabs, hot sauce, Good King Legson, Good King Foglas, scollop as in dollop, Turkey Sandwiches, scrote, UTUPUS, trouser-interest, Style fish, emo, Pancake Day, BSE sandwich, rendish, I can't grumble enough, Dick Tate, talk about mushrooms and laugh, referance, toothpaste sandwiches, by the mould, green ernies, toylit paper, gravitarse, polyglot, piffle, Gaylord The Pansy Pirate, we got as far as lumps, as any fool knows, Joan Cabswirl, are you the creator?, do you know who I am?, I know who you are!, Hamdust Hall, "I Planted Trees" by Richard St. Barbe-Baker, pilgrimagette, The New-Age Adventures Of Gaylord The Pansy Pirate, Elaine and Jim Boing, Gemma Arsonart, gamut, The Revd. Horse Liniment, eighty-three.


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