The bouche-béene of my life, combining the Russian Thing - a nightmare waiting to happen, sheepduck, harnessing the power of new technology, Hamdust Hall, plastic tie-clip (broken), a quality clack is worth two in the bush, shed service, "Shut up" says Mr. Mellish, Argos biroette, hello mind your fingers!, Innovaish Passh Nollidj (Gooreadiness and Snorkel), premonition of looming Glass Smah crisis (Picasso), overtaken by a Vence, doobin, Richard 'Dog' Doobin, gaelic bread with or without mayonnaise, wanton use of the vocative, you can always fall back on dog do, 'Sorry back again!', mosaic, ghoti spells fish, 'oh no not kebabs again!', Sandiacre to San Diego, synchronized parking, San Diecre, Harrison Ford in Widnes, Long Eaten, an entire week without wearing socks, 'do you do coffee!', encroached, More….., cultural uplift, Virtually Anybody, popsock, strengthlies,commitmentto, shed in the garage, Billy Bunter edish, The Toyota Yaroo, big on potato shite - big on the causes of potato shite, Shakeerer, get Smibernoll, let's do the Twitch, marked down undies, three sodas - thank you!, trans-glob, straddle, tinge, insect day, not Martin, yumbo yet on its side, the name-changing patio, it's right in front of you - you can't miss it, anyway - the lavatory, the banana box, the people from Alicante, bring in Broskersoft to do their stuff, Y'ing, abrasive Mrs Pouchs, Toyoter, the Gotham spelling, bringing up dog do, Gammon!, the magazine "England", whalesong, The Reader's Bloglist, hoppy beers and Hoppy Barnes, iox, Norman Mayo, erking, it was an error of magic & chivalry & engineering & snorkel, no time mate, instituche, fick and thast, no space mate, eighty-three


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