Quizzine, Radio Parking, The Whampton Inversion, bacon and encassed, mustard and wrapped, the Dogsbody Roadshow, fresh dentures, concept-rich, red sky in the morning….. sailor's underpants, Azit May, vamshing, behave, closish, asparagus rissotto with Poff Pastry Ltd., Maurice Torpor, goat's nut parcels, hair in a bun, mulch, tirade,aaahhh, three aitches are fine, aaahh monsieur le guardien du bâtiment!, ausgezeichnat, excallent, push the envelope, strictures, coffee!, One day International Misspellings, 'thing', burgeoning, piddle, hello-u!, mularky, allwrighty, elldoneto all, aaahht, I've put the ticket up my sleeve!, two chicken leek and ham pies!, after you, you've got the food!, are they from the brewery!, now wash your 'phone, I'm more than ready….I'm gooready, gamma rays on yobba rays on, steak and kidney pudding!, self-regulatory just-in-time furniture, hvyall fimshed, www.eightythree.com, Poughkeepsie!, wile waxck, Pam and/or Tex, it was in last night's Post wasn't it!, conzeptrich, at this moment in time it's!, sholuldn't, yobba rays on d'être, Sindy Klein, Tiger Wolulds, who put the aaahhh in Glass Smah, whadareyou just!, I think it's something to do with mailing lists!, Just a procedure for Getnit Moor!, schedge, stand outside while you pay!, today is red writing stick day, Hi mate you'll write!, I believe the number you're looking for is twenty-three!, the one nearest the stork!, is he around in the ablative absolute sense?, putting the diet in dietribe, it's in there, yes it's a pineapple!, Ten!, vegetable is of the day, synthesised halibut, back from the solidus, mozzerella balls, I'm glad we live in aarday, you can't beat a bevvy, some of our dishs may contain nut is and bones, you know where you are with a loop, musically, moroose, forththwith, horsecart disease, Klingspor, reshedge, unreschedge, you're the Dogsbody in sesh and I claim my five pounds!, The turkey and mushroom sandwich!, Frudd, Ken and Mrs. Ken Clark in the car park, Mushroom Salad Ken!, Mushroom Salad Mrs. Ken!, Vegit Arian, hello Brian Simon's friend!, local Goots cheese, ratatouii, Radio Parking has breaking wind, it's not my major sport no!, (Up) the Ingerlund, hay u 2!, do that with your applicants!, vegetabies, Andrew you got my khakis!, thanks for coming!, can I squeeze past!, truffie, seanabit!, I see you keep a bee!, Chips!, mozzarlla, sesemee, Jacket Potato 2000, pinobage, hello sorry!, Peter Fort, Two Pedigrees!, Can you sort me out another Guinness when you've got a second love!, information lavatories, Anhauser Busch, Two halves!, I thought you'd done a runner!, cascading style pork, Stives, Bobby Venton and the Gimps, is that pints!, bobbies on the course, we can manage the links but the rechts will have to take care of themselves, bonimous, Old Chopper, Horse's Replacement, further Horse, *MEANS sold out, raisin $ yougart mash, there's a turnup for the books!, whitebut, game casserole e herby dumplings, e-turn style, eggor pineapple, what are we having to drink!, Dog-a-Doo, managed to make a complete fool of myself!,veg˜pheasant medley, eighty three.


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