We've all seen them and heard them. Snobby colleagues drop them into conversation like bath buns. Yes, the dreaded foreign word or expression that leaves the average punter non-plussed and bouche-bée. Never mind! Help is at hand!

The Reader's Doglist proudly presents 'The Doglist Guide to Foreign Johnny Speak'. We've spared no expense or snorkel to enlist the help of pusillanimous polyglot Hector de Gribelin to provide this selectionette. Well done!

Tick the word or phrase nearest in meaning to the key word.

(1) aide-de-camp (Ay' de kahn') A: irritatingly enthusiastic hanger on B: a pair of comfortable trousers C: an embarrassing damp patch D: general dog's breakfast

(2) Föhn (fern) A: One of a large group of vascular cryptogams many of which have feathery fronds B: bloated C: creaking contraption D: warm-air vent outside the Northolt Swimerama

(3) fin-de-siècle (fan de syekl') A: admirer of Almost Anybody B: timely reminder that things need to be put on top of other things C: holus bolus D: vol-au-vent with no filling

(4) postres (poass-trace) A: desserts B: sweets C: puddings D: Tedstone Wafre

(5) par excellance (par ek'selahns) A: pre-eminently B: above all C: superlatively D: Moxie

(6) Doppelgänger (dopp'l-geng'ahhh) A: nickname applied to school dinner ladies at the West Teeth Academy of Science, New Technology and Snorkel B: zgk C: hobbledehoy D: scrofula

(7) F192 hat Verspätung (klatt'r klatt'r phish bonk) A: the train arriving at platform three is not only late but it's in the wrong country B: hat with spit on it C: Estonian calculator D: papoose

(8) pommes Dauphinoises (Pom dough-fin-waz) A: poncy French spuds B: pew C: snuff D: profile

(9) mirabile visu (me'ra billay viz'oo) A: howitzer B: Monk's fridge C: Dickensian mountebank with horse-blanket D: Gah! Oh No!

(10)Hy BOT MbI B MOCKBe (Noo vort moy ve musk'vye) A: ??st???se B: ¿¶±Ðקþ•†‰ C: Pastewart D: We go yes to there and back with a purpose using our own steam

(11) Maurice Chevalier (Mo'reese Peb'kak) A: The French 'Maurice Onions' B: The French 'Elvis Presley' C: The French 'Pancho Kidney' D: The French Drain Board supremo

(12) entente cordiale (arn'tar'nt kordi­ahl') A: concentrated fruit drink for boy scouts B: wooz C: chumminess D: dripping dripping


If you haven't already cheated by looking at the answers, here is a guide to your vocabulary rating:
Score - 9 - 12 fair, 5 - 8 mediocre, l - 4 average, 0 - harmless, 83 - snorkel



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